Loaded Creative is a creatively-driven, full-service advertising and graphic design company. We are equal parts design gurus and marketing consultants.

We are as good at developing brand identities as we are at conjuring up the commercials, ads, websites and marketing communications that give your brand a living, beating heart.

We are talented, professional and experienced creative strategists seeking marketing-starved, forward-moving businesses and organizations who don’t realize… they CAN afford talented, professional and experienced creative strategists. 

Why Loaded Creative?

We get asked the question a lot – how we chose the name. And the answer has changed, over time.

At first? We felt our unique structure, talent and philosophy meant the obvious: we are “Loaded” with ideas for virtually any business. And our success on behalf of a diverse client list proves that we are. Loaded with ideas, that is.

But as we’ve evolved, we learned that “being Loaded” means more than generating a jaw-dropping creative idea. It means being able to over-deliver on the promise – time and time again – of bringing a concept to vibrant life in the medium most necessary for the client’s success.

A new website. A unique logo. An arresting print ad. A memorable commercial.

We’re full of ideas, experience and talent across multiple modes of communication. We’re packed with the ability to handle single projects and full-blown, full-service campaigns with no discernible difference in how we do our job. We’re stuffed with value – our teams represent senior-level ad agency-caliber talent who prefer a more direct and less expensive way of doing business.

We are, in every sense of the word, Loaded. And we’re here to make a measurable difference for businesses in State College, Altoona, Johnstown, Pittsburgh, all of Pennsylvania and beyond.

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